Welcome to adamwaugh.com. This site is a platform for me to keep the world up to date on all things Adam Waugh, an outlet for me to show love, and a resource for those interested in my Graphic Design endeavors.
Late but great!

The cat's out of the bag and frenzied! I'm thrilled to now be a part of Landor Associate's Cincinnati design team. So far it's been a daily treat to walk into such an important office of such a profoundly influential design company. I've been working with incredible people on incredible projects, and I look forward to many, many more moons of it.

I want to do that!
I never knew what envy meant until I learned that Abbott Miller of Pentagram just designed three new wallcoverings for Knoll's textile division.

Winning streak continues
More news on the Juicy Temples front happened last weekend at the Orlando Addy Awards, where we won a Gold and a Silver. Gold for the same brochure honored in this year''s HOW International Design Annual, and Silver for the website of Photographer Ben Van Hook.

HOW sweet it is indeed

It's always great when the latest HOW Magazine arrives at the studio, and it's even better when you're flipping through and you realize your name is inside. Such was the case for us at Juicy Temples this week when a brochure we did was included as part of HOW Magazine's International Design Annual, featuring the best of the best design from around the world.

The wait is over!
After nearly four years, the next iteration of adamwaugh.com springs forth from the darkness like a ravenous jaguar. I'm extremely excited about this site--it's simple, elegant, and a snap to update thanks to my very good friend Ben Borowski and his database wizardry.

I'll be making frequent updates to the site as time rolls along, and plan to keep the News section spicy and full of design, culture, and Adam Waugh related happenings and asides.

Welcome to the site, and drop me a line if I haven't talked to you in awhile (hasn't it been too long?).