Recognition is overdue to the following, who have helped me greatly in some way. They are either peers, colleagues, family, friends, or studios that inspire and stupify me with their excellence.
Landor Associates
The one, the only. Often competed against, never rivaled. I'm extremely proud to be designing now with Landor, the best in the business.

Juicy Temples
The remarkable design firm with whom I've previously worked, under the direction of the charismatic Klaus Heesch. Juicy Temples specializes in Image and Interactive design for Arts and Entertainment brands (and do it oh so well).

Ben Borowski
Always willing to help a friend, always involved in new and cool things, and always doing stellar work.

American Institute of Graphic Arts
AIGA, the professional association for design, is committed to furthering excellence in design as a broadly-defined discipline, strategic tool for business and cultural force.

Citizen Scholar
The fledgling design consultancy of friend Randy Hunt, whose energy and talent know no bounds.

Print Liberation
Seeing their posters early on in Design School convinced me that Graphic Design was a good idea. Now that they're all grown up, I'm glad they are still keepin' it real and doing it right.